we are not alone

Not that we thought we were. A reader sent this story from The Independent.

These articles always focus on people moving to Canada (or claiming they will) after the election. Our application was signed, sealed and delivered six months before I cast my vote.


Steve said...

Welcome! Great blog. I moved to Canada six months ago. I've written about Canadian/American issues quite a bit on my blog,


my political blog is:


laura k said...

Thank you! The welcome is premature, but I'll save it for when we get there. :)

I'll check out your blogs and link to you. Where did you move from/to?

Steve said...

We live in Goderich, Ontario, my wife's hometown. It was referred to by the Queen as "the prettiest little town in Canada". It's located on the east shore of Lake Huron equidistant from Toronto and Detroit (2.5 hrs. drive).