repeating myself

I turned my Roe v Wade day post into an article, and it now appears on CommonDreams.org. Or, if you're finding this later and it no longer appears on the front page, go here.

Apologies to loyal readers who are also on my email list. This must be getting boring!

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Anonymous said...

Your Roe v. Wade essay describes all too well the sad state of affairs in regard to access. Surely, the torturers of the Spanish Inquisition could not have done much better, and their acolytes today defile the ranks of the religious right and other groups with their mindless, hypocritical posturings. Let them all go to Zen and get a good grounding in the humanities! This recalls an episode in, I think, Texas, appropriately enough, when Adlai Stevenson was bopped on the head by a demonstrator, and said that he wanted the person to be educated, not arrested. How about two hundred fifty hours of community service and two hundred fifty hours studying the real American history, philosophy and economics?
New York, 1/30/05