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Second-term drinking game for ya: You chug a beer every time you hear the phrase "a contentious but futile protest vote by the Democrats". By the time Jeb Bush is elected, you'll be too wasted to notice the war in Syria.
Jon Stewart, on Condoleezza Rice's confirmation as Secretary of State

Can’t you see? You're not making Christianity better, you're making rock and roll worse!
Hank Hill, on Christian rockers

Do Canadian readers know Hank Hill?

Also, some LOTD from ALPF:

"U.S. Christian right leader urges Canadians to oppose same-sex marriage." Is Dobson really a Christian right "leader"? Or just a wacko with a great publicist?

A very smart man in Pakistan says: "George Bush is a very simple, very violent person with very extreme views, as well as being very much an ignoramus. This is a very dangerous combination."

And finally, why "they hate us". Hint: it ain't because we love freedom. A Saudi Arabian op-ed on Jihad, American Style.

It is very cold in New York. I'm just saying.


Rognar said...

Nope, never heard of Hank Hill.

laura k said...

Hank Hill is a cartoon character from an excellent show called "King Of The Hill".

He's a Texan, a man who loves football, his lawn and "propane and propane accessories". He also loves his wife Peggy (a tough Texan herself) and his son Bobby, despite Bobby's, well, proclivities that don't exactly include football.

Hank's redneck roots battle with his caring heart. Bobby and Peggy are both great (and complex!) characters. And of course there is a gaggle of funny minor characters.

The show manages to poke fun of every stereotype in the book: rednecks, new-age hippies, bikers, tin-foil-hat-wearing paranoids, feminists, anti-feminists, the religious right... on and on. It's very funny - and very warm and sweet, too.

Amazingly, this takes place on Fox! But of course, Fox brought us the Simpsons and other animated shows like The Critic and Dr. Katz.

Rognar said...

Oh, I thought you were talking about a real person. We do get King of the Hill here, although I don't watch it. In fact, you will feel right at home when it comes to TV here. We get CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, TBS, PBS, CNN and MSNBC all on basic cable here in Calgary. In Toronto, the selection is probably even greater.

Anonymous said...

I wanted it to sound like a real person. You might check it out sometime, it's a good show.

I don't watch much TV, but it's nice to have the options. I've been enjoying CBC news lately, ever since I learned we got it on a cable station.

But as long as we can get our MLB (baseball) package, we'll be happy.

laura k said...

That was me again. I don't know why Blogger sometimes wants to hide my identity.

Rognar said...

CBC is pretty good for national news, but its local coverage is mediocre and its once excellent international coverage has slipped dramatically in recent years due to government cuts. For local news, I usually choose CTV or Global. For international news, I check out several sources, CNN and BBC in particular.

Of course, the best show on CBC is Hockey Night in Canada. The theme music for HNIC is Canada's unofficial national anthem.

laura k said...

I also watch BBC news. I've heard that the quality of both BBC and CBC has slipped in recent years, but to my American eyes, they are wonderfully refreshing.

CNN is best avoided, I think. Though it does come in handy for a quick news fix when you're away from your computer.

Ah yes, HNIC. Even I know about that, and the theme song.

Anonymous said...




laura k said...

Excellent! This is just the kind of stuff I have to learn about. Thanks again, ALPF. I'll post on this tomorrow.