new zealand was my second choice

A reader writes:
I just found your blog, and can quite understand why you're moving to Canada. I'm in Australia and would love to move to New Zealand except I have ageing parents to look after here. My reasons are the same as yours. We have a moron Prime Minister who follows the bush like a puppy on a leash, and most of the population don't seem to care about anything.

Martin Luther King was a hero and an inspiration.
New Zealand sounds like a wonderful place to live. We know people there and I would seriously consider moving there one day. Now, however, it's not possible for reasons similar to Linda's - it's too far from family.

I didn't know that the Australian PM was a poodle along the Blair model. Interesting.

Re King, I get annoyed at the way the word "hero" is used these days. Most people popularly called heroes are either victims (who either survived or did not by chance), or just rich and famous. King, however, deserves the label. The more you learn about his life and work, the more you'll know this to be true.


Anonymous said...

Here is an article from the UK you should enjoy about other Americans in your position.


Rognar said...

Speaking of Dr. King, you might be interested to read about Louis Riel. To many Canadians (especially French-Canadians, he is our Martin Luther King.

laura k said...

Ah-ha! That's someone I should know about. Thanks.