exodus, or not

Dr Marco, who writes this very interesting blog, says:
I did a search in Google and was astonished by the amount of information and the number of people who want to go to Canada from the US. If things go the way they are going it might become a significant trend. Canada will really benefit from the arrival of the smartest American minds. I am worried about America.
I would be very interested to see how many people actually go. Of the many thousands who look for information, or who say, "It's time to move to Canada!" (the way we always used to), how many will actually plunk down a couple thousand dollars, fill out a big stack of forms, get all the documents together - go through the whole long process, with all the waiting - and make the commitment to leave.

I'm not worried about the US in terms of smart, forward-thinking people leaving. I think most are in "stay and fight" mode. Many consider leaving, but most won't go through with it. That's my sense of it, anyway. We won't know the answer for another year or so.

Of course I'm incredibly worried about the US for other reasons. But we know that already.


Doctor Marco said...

Thanks for the introduction.

In Spanish we say: "Del dicho al hecho, hay mucho trecho" "From what it is said to what it is done, there is a long distance" there is no rime in English, but its ok.

But there is another saying: "Cuando el rio suena es porque piedras trae" "When the river rumbles it is because it is bringing rocks".

laura k said...

I like that one - the river rumbling, bringing rocks - great image.