what i'm watching: c-span, barbarian invasions, tsunami

Big C-Span Day. We can watch John Conyers stand up for democracy today. Barbara Boxer might stand up with him. John Kerry, however, won't be joining them. Don't want to look like a sore loser, eh Mr Kerry? Got to keep that political skin intact.

Life, Death and the Movies. We saw an excellent Canadian film last night called "The Barbarian Invasions" (French with English subtitles). It's about a man facing death, a celebration of his life, and one person who loves him enough to give him the best death possible - about people connecting with one another in surprising ways that make up life's little miracles. It's funny and sad without ever being sentimental or manipulative. Highly recommended.

Death on our TV Screens. Let's not let the tsunami victims fall out of our thoughts. The survivors must be suffering in unimaginable ways.


Rognar said...

If you like The Barbarian Invasions, you should certainly see The Decline of the American Empire. Invasions is the sequel. Also, if you are interested in the work of director Denys Arcand, some of his other more well-known works are Jesus of Montreal and Love and Human Remains.

laura k said...

I'm definitely going to see what else Netflix carries of his. Thanks for the titles.

allan said...

Oh, yeah, Kerry's due to get *tons* of votes in 2008? Can he be that stupid?

Stand or sit? Today will be a simple test of who thinks the United States should be a democracy. It'll be interesting to see how few of our leaders [sic] believe in honest elections.